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Unfortunately recovering Office and Windows Keys is not so easy. Sometimes you will get a wrong Key from Get My Keys Back. Here i'll try to describe why that happens and what it means.
My Key is Wrong
Some user have reportet to me that the Key shown by GMKB2 is wrong. Truth is, its not always possible to recover the key of a Installation. Here are the main reasons why recovery leads to a wrong Key:
  • You try to recover a OEM License. OEM Licences are commen on machines which come with preinstalled Windows or Office. You CAN NOT recover this Key.
  • You used some sort of volume Key
  • You used some special Key (like from a lottery or something)
  • There are still some reasons i don't fully understand
What does the Key "BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB" mean?
When GMKB shows you that key, it means that you used a Volume Key. Volume keys are used to activate hundreds of Installations and are not stored on your machine. Volume KEys are often used in MSDN Subscriptions in Schools or at work.
Nothing can be found
When GMKB can't find an Office Installation there must be something wrong with the Registry structure. You can still try and recover the Key by foot.
Need Help?

Could not find your key or the shown key is wrong? Please look here for more information.

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